Viskase History

The Beginning

Erwin O. Freund, the founder of what is known today as VISKASE® Companies, Inc. discovered he could make a sausage casing that could be used to replace animal intestine casings. This cellulosic casing stuffed well, could be linked and was able to withstand the rigors of the smokehouse. Quite by accident, he discovered that when the casing was removed from the product the sausages retained their shape and were firm. The skinless sausage was born!

In 1925, Mr. Freund organized a company by the name of Visking Corporation and the first production line of NOJAX® Casings began in a ramshackle building in the Chicago Union Stockyards.

Casing Innovations

Remaining ever close to the needs of the sausage makers, Visking Corporation’s Cellulose Casings for large sausage products were introduced in 1927.

The first colored casings were introduced in 1931, along with a method of printing on the casings for brand identity and advertising promotion in the meat case. With this growth and prosperity came a new plant in Chicago in 1932.

In 1935, FIBROUS Casing of reinforced cellulose was introduced. These casings were made by impregnating a fiber reinforcing web, resulting in an extremely strong and uniform casing.

In the 1950’s, Visking debuted striped NOJAX® Casings and E-Z PEEL® FIBROUS Casings, while opening a plant in Beauvais, France and another in Loudon, Tennessee.

To help meat processors improve their productivity, the SHIRMATIC® system of FIBROUS Casings was introduced in the 1960’s. With this combination of automated stuffing equipment and pre-moisturized shirred casings, processors could now make uniform diameter products with greater efficiencies. During the 1970’s, VISKASE® was the first company to manufacture E-Z PEEL NOJAX® Casings again improving our customer’s productivity. In addition to product development, meeting the world’s expanding global market became a real challenge. The company responded by opening operations in Thaon, France; Osceola, Arkansas and Kentland, Indiana. In the 2000’s, to continue providing the best in product development, support and services with strategic locations throughout the world, our new facilities were opened in Monterrey, Mexico; Atibaia, Brazil and Clark Freeport Zone, Philippines.

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