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FIBROUS Casings are a unique combination of regenerated cellulose applied to a special paper for exceptional strength and diameter uniformity. These casings can be used for a wide range of applications including pepperoni, salami, luncheon meats, boneless hams and other deli-style processed meats. They are ideal for slicing products requiring precise diameter control. FIBROUS Casings can also be used for processed and smoked cheeses.


  • Exceptional mechanical strength, even with pre-sticking

  • Outstanding size control

  • Permeable to smoke and moisture

  • Barrier to microorganisms*

*When casing has not been cut or perforated.


Size Range:
Stuffing diameters 36 - 200mm.
Color Range:
A wide range of standard colors are available to meet all your product needs.
A variety of casing treatments have been tailored to provide meat adhesion or quick release after cooking/cooling.
  • E-Z PEEL® FIBROUS is an internal treatment to promote easy release of the casing from the final product. The casing lifts away from the product quickly and cleanly, leaving no scarring of the product surface.

  • DS/SL FIBROUS has an inner surface treatment designed to promote adhesion to proteins. This treatment is used to ensure the casing adheres tightly to meat products like pepperoni or dried salami during the drying process. DS/SL treatments are also used for luncheon meats to minimize to minimize jelly pockets during cooking.

Finishing Formats:
  • Casings are available shirred, cut/clipped or rolls requiring soaking prior to use. FIBROUS Casings are also available pre-moisturized as SHIRMATIC® and Express (shirred) or REELKASE®, ROLLMATIC® (roll) forms ready to use from the carton.

  • Pre-sticking is available on FIBROUS Casings. Pre-sticking is small holes that allow air evacuation during stuffing and excess surface water/fat to escape during cooking. Many different holes sizes and patterns are available.

Our presses are capable of one to eight color graphics to print front/back sides of the casing for product branding as well as nutrition and ingredient panels.
Moisture Proof:
For specific applications requiring moisture and oxygen barrier properties, MP Casings are available. These are FIBROUS Casings with a moisture proof coating applied to the casing surface.

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