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FIBROUS COLOR MASTERTM and SMOKE MASTER® casings have the same outstanding characteristics as our standard FIBROUS casing (permeability, diameter control, mechanical strength…) with the added feature of caramel and/or liquid smoke, which transfers to the product surface during cooking. These casings are ideal for manufacturing a variety of poultry, ham or beef products as well as for cheese.


Eliminating the roasting or smoking step allows:
  • Greater manufacturing flexibility and increased through-put (reduced cycle time) without costly equipment investment

  • Increased cooking yields versus traditional smoking or roasting methods

  • Reduced equipment cleaning and maintenance costs


Size Range:
Calibers from 65 to 200mm
Fibrous COLOR MASTER™ casings are impregnated with caramel which transfers to the final products to impart an appealing roasted look. Colors range from golden to a dark brown.

Fibrous SMOKE MASTER® casings are impregnated with natural liquid smoke that transfers smoke flavor and color to the surface of the product.
Finishing Formats:
Rolls, shirred sticks or sheets tailored to your product needs.

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