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Large Cellulose Casings

LARGE CELLULOSE Casings (LCC) are designed to give either a cylindrical or oval shape to the processed meats such as bologna and salami.


  • Permeability to smoke and water vapor

  • Exceptional clarity and glossy surface giving an attractive and shiny appearance to finished product

  • Various degrees of stretch: casings adapt to finished product shape requirements.

  • Barrier to microorganisms*

*When casing has not been cut or perforated.


Size Range:
34 – 250mm
Low stretch R and Precision casings. High stretch ZEPHYR®, VISREX and HS casings.
Color Range:
LARGE CELLULOSE Casings are offered in different colors to meet your product needs. Standard colors currently available: Clear and Fumé (Hickory).
A variety of casing treatments have been tailored to provide meat adhesion or quick release after cooking/cooling.
  • E-Z PEEL® is an internal treatment to promote easy release of the casing from the final product. The casing lifts away from the product quickly and cleanly, leaving no scarring of the product surface.

  • DS/SL has an inner surface treatment designed to promote adhesion to proteins.

Finishing Formats:
Casings are available shirred, cut/clipped or rolls requiring soaking prior to use. LARGE CELLULOSE Casings are also available pre-moisturized, shirred.
Our presses are capable of one to eight color graphics to print front/back sides of the casing for product branding as well as nutrition and ingredient panels.

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