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NOJAX® Cellulose Casings

NOJAX® Casings are made of regenerated cellulose designed for high speed, automated production of hot dogs, dry mini salamis, cooked sausage and coarse ground fresh sausages. The casings come as shirred sticks for use on automated stuffing equipment, as-is with no soaking required.


  • High strength to resist breakage

  • Outstanding size uniformity

  • Permeable to smoke and moisture

  • Excellent end closures

  • Barrier to microorganisms*

*When casing has not been cut or perforated.


Size Range:
Stuffing diameters 14 - 47 mm.
Color Range:
NOJAX® Casings are offered in non-transferable blue and Wedzone (smoke tint)colors or with stripes for product differentiation as well as to afford a visual check of complete peeling.
NOJAX® Casings are offered in a variety of value-added treatments.
  • Regular NOJAX® Casing is a standard product and does not contain a peeling treatment.

  • E-Z PEEL® NOJAX® Casing contains a peeling treatment to ensure perfect casing removal.

  • Self-Coloring** NOJAX® Casings are available in Dark Cherry and Light Orange to impart food grade colors to the surface of the stuffed product.

NOJAX® Cellulose Casings are available with closed-ends ideal for automatic stuffing equipment or with open-ends for manual stuffing.

**NOT available in Europe.
Finishing Formats:
Casings are pre-moisturized and shirred and into a variety of casing lengths to optimize productivity.
NOJAX® Casings are offered in continuous one to four color graphics for product branding.

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