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POLYJAX® Casings

POLYJAX® Casings are made from polyamide resins, designed for the high-speed production of hot dog, sausage and chorizo products. Ideal for automated stuffing equipment, POLYJAX® casings are offered as shirred sticks with no soaking required prior to use.


  • Excellent Shirred Stick Properties: easy handling with less stick breakage

  • High Barrier Properties: minimizes weight loss during cooking/processing as well as extends product shelf life

  • Caliber Uniformity: provides exceptional size control to minimize giveaway.

  • Peeling: allows easy, complete hand peeling of the casing from the final product.

  • Packaging: sticks are in an easy to open, easy to load caddy.

  • Barrier to microorganisms*.

  • * When casing has not been cut or perforated


Size Range:
16 – 40mm
Color Range:
Clear as well as non-transferable Wedzone (smoke tint), Light Wedzone, HT Red and Light Orange.
Finishing Formats:
Ready to use shirred sticks, with either closed-end or open-end.
POLYJAX® Casings are available with one to four color graphics, front and back printed.

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