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VISFLEX® Polyamide Casings

VISFLEX® Polyamide Casings are high performance casings for a wide range of processed meat, poultry and cheese applications. Manufactured using multilayer extrusion technology, VISFLEX® Casings are tailored to meet the processing and shelf storage requirements for a variety of products. Exceptional barrier and shrink properties make VISFLEX® Casings ideal for water, steam and smokehouse processing.


  • High Oxygen Barrier: extends the shelf life of the product

  • Moisture Barrier: minimizes water migration through the film, maximizes product yield during cooking, and prevents weight loss during storage

  • Diameter Control: provides diameter uniformity at stuffing, consistent product dimensions enable optimum productivity and reduced product giveaway

  • Meat adhesion: designed to minimize purge, while allowing peeling of final product


Size Range:
Stuffing diameters 38 - 206 mm.
Color Range:
A wide selection of colors are available to meet your specific product needs.
Finishing Formats:
Available in shirred sticks or reels.
Our presses are capable of one to eight color graphics to print front/back sides of the casing for product branding as well as nutrition and ingredient panels.

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