Company Timeline

viskase213x216HqLG Since 2000

VISKASE® continues to reach new heights with dynamic, market responsive product evolution launching VISMAX®, VISFLEX®, VISCOAT® and POLYJAX® Casings

1960 1977

Shirmatic® Fibrous Casings were developed to use on automated stuffing equipment. This pre-shirred casing, made a uniform diameter product in the least amount of time.

1971 1971

VISKASE® was the first Company to sell E-Z PEEL® NOJAX® Casing. This innovation considerably improved production efficiency in the manufacture of skinless sausages.

1931 1935

Fibrous Casings of reinforced cellulose was introduced.

1935 1931

First colored and printed NOJAX® casings were introduced for brand identity and advertising in the meat case.

1925 1925

Erwin O. Freund founded Visking Corporation (known today as VISKASE® Companies, Inc.) and the first production line of Nojax® casings.

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